My Approach

The kind of psychotherapy I do is often called "Relational"and is based in psychoanalytic theory and practice.  A basic premise of relational theory is that the unconscious, and our relationships with others both past and present, have a profound and enduring influence on our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Often, but not always, the past is playing out in the present.

In this context, exploring and discovering your personal history is an important part of the work that we will do together.  This is not for the purpose of going back in time and blaming someone, or something, for current behaviors and feelings; rather it is an attempt to understand, "How did I get here?" and, "What and I going to do about it?"

Usually this means finding the right approach and process which will work best for you. I have a deep respect for the uniqueness of each individual, and the particular circumstances that bring them to therapy. In this way, my treatment method often depends on just what your presenting issue or problem is, and the particular goals that you are hoping to achieve.


I usually suggest that we meet for a few sessions so that you can get a sense of whether or not I can be helpful to you, and for me to get a sense of if I can be helpful to you.  Sometimes the fit between therapist and client is not quite right in which case I will recommend other professionals who I feel might be better experienced to help with your particular concerns and needs.

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